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Hotel Prague 2

How do people search for their accommodation nowadays? As an insiders and travelers ourselves, we are confident that most of the business in done on-line now. And with a lot of hotels in Prague, filters are coming handy on most searching platforms. You can find hotels according to what is important to you - such as price, location, amenities or user ratings.

However the sole filtering by Prague´s districts will not usually tell you the whole truth. Usual search will start with Prague 1 and perhaps Prague 2, as they are in the very heart of the Prague city center. But what about the adjoined quarters? Are they not good? Of course they are!

We are located in a very unique location, yet on the internet we appear as a hotel on Prague 4 district. By a sheer luck, our hotel is located just on the border of Prague 2 and Prague 4. Most hotels near Vysehrad I know, are located under the hill and have no, or a very poor view on either Vysehrad or Prague scenery. They are on a long hilly way to the subway and with a poor accessibility by public transport. Not mentioning problems with parking of a private car! However for travelers searching with filters pre-set to Hotel Prague 2, we are practically invisible. There are dozens of different places like us, who might seem to be off the beaten track, but could be a much better option. Google with its hotel finder is now changing the trend and using a form of a heatmap that outlines the most popular tourist attractions.

You can set the heatmap according to the specific places you want to stay at or where you want to visit. The result is a map, which gives you a highly location-targeted layout of maps, and quickly optimizes for precise locations.

We do hope that this will be quickly pick-up by other accommodation providers and will help customers to choose most suitable accommodation base on their preferences.

What we achieved

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